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I'm creating this blog in the hope that I can convey some information about Data Architecture that will make the companies you work for better. My opportunity to learn come from researching each blog, and most importantly from

your feedback.

In my kickoff Data Architecture (DA) blog, I have some questions for you. It'll help me set the direction of this blog. I'm curious about you as being someone interested in DA. Who are you? What brings you here? Why are you interested in Data Architecture? Have you seen good data practices? Bad? I'm interested in your response in the comments. If you wish to be a little more private, my email address is below.

I became interested in Data Architecture when I realized the power of a proper relational model. I became even more interested after discovering GraphQL which is a query language that makes it simple to create Application Programming Interfaces (API's) to access the data.

I've designed several relational models in my career. I created a model for Iowa Medicaid, a model for CDS Global, a model for the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Crime Lab. More recently I've worked with data models regarding the airline industry and the logistics industry. As time goes on, I'll talk about the good and the bad models with which I've worked.

DA is more than Data Modeling though.  We'll talk about Relational Databases, 3rd Normal Form, Non-Relational Databases, Data API's, DA tools, Data Governance, Master Data Management (MDM), and anything else data related you want to talk about. Also in scope are...

  • certifications, 
  • regulations, 
  • seminars/conferences, 
  • database administration, 
  • data driven concepts,
  • data security, 
  • data cleansing,
  • data visualization, 
  • domain driven design,
  • open source... 

Just drop me a comment or email.



Troy Frericks
blog 27-Jun-2021
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